Flap valve hdpe wall mount

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WA-PTKG Flap-Valve wall mount design, fasten directly to the wall.

A "G" model flap valve prevents back flow. All flap valve models operationally act the same. When there is head pressure from behind (inlet pressure) the flap door opens and discharges the water. When front pressure increases, the flap door will close.



Flap Valves WA-PTKG wall mount units ship with chemical bolts for anchoring the unit to the wall. A wall gaskets placed between the back flange collar and the wall provides leak protection.

The unit sets vertically flush with the wall. The flap door operates with just a few mm of head differential pressure.

Water flows through the valve to allow water build up to escape but prevents rising water levels on the door side from flowing back up the pipe.

Flap Valves prevent flooding from high tide conditions, storm serge and rising river waters.

Available for all pipe and opening sizes: contact Westatlantic

HDPE Flap Valves Specification for WA-PTKG model :


Non-return flap valve suitable for emergency application/ flood protection.

Flap Valves standard door pressures

Head pressures: one meter water head on a permanent bases. In Flood water five meter water head for 72 hours measured from bottom of opening. Higher pressure doors are available.

Flap Valves wall mount models: Fit all American and International pipe sizes. The flap door opens with just a few millimeters of differential water pressure.

Flap valves HDPE models are easy to handle and install. HDPE material valves are highly resistant to aggressive fluids. 316L stainless steel is used for all metallic parts, E.g. hinges, hooks etc.

WA-PTKG wall mount models mount flush with the wall. "G" models are used for conditions where the flap valve sets above the water level most os the time. They may be covered by water in times of emergency and allow outflow again when the upstream pressure exceeds the pressure on the door. Just a few mm differential pressure will allow flow.

The valve is not hindered by its own weight and will open with very little differential pressure. Differential opening pressure are less than 10 mm water column.


Advantages of HDPE flap valves:

No corrosion

  • Good chemical resistance against acids salts and alkali, many solvents, oils, etc.
  • High UV protection for outside use
  • Suitable for use between -50ºC and +70ºC
  • Dimensional stability, low density and lightweight




Flap Valves WA.PTK-G Round Design

Sample Draw




Install Wall Mount Video  

Contact Westatlantic Tech Corp., for sizing assistance, HDPE flap valves fit all American and International pipe sizing.

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