Flap valve hdpe flange mounting




Flap valves: WA-PTKF HDPE flange mount models, fastened direct to ANSI flanges on the pipe.

The pipe flange may be an adapter flange or a flange already fused to the pipe.


Fastening drill pattern may be ANSI #125/150 design, PN-10, or a custom drill patterns.

Standard Valve head pressures meet most normal conditions.
1 meter water column permanent pressure on the door and - 5 meter water column pressure in the event of flood conditions for a 72 hour period. 

Higher pressure conditions are available.

Flap Valve HDPE introduction & operation features

Available for all American and International pipe sizes
For all pipe materials: PVC - Ductile Iron - Concrete - HDPE

Westatlantic Tech Corp. or Tel. 902 455 4455

Sketch for standard Flange mount features.
Measure drawings will be presented during selection process.


Flap valve doors all operate with low head pressure.

Common setup mounts are: Wall mounts - Flange mounts - Slip on mounts.

Other mount types:

Flap Valves - Gravity lines - Pump Pressure Lines

Flap Valve - Flange Mount Sketch

Flap Valve Specification WA-PTK-A & F models


Contact us: Westatlantic Tech Corp, 902 455 4455

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