Flap valve hdpe angle mount

Flap Valves HDPE Materials - Ten degree angle door mount

Flap Valves with ten degree mounted doors, create a more positive closing of the door on the seal gasket.

For under water, tidal waters or turblent waters.

WA-PTKA Flap Valves HDPE round & Rectangular model sketch


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Flap valves WA-PTKA models, are mounted with a 10 degree angle. The angle provides a more positive close of the flap door.

They are used for certain applications where the valve may be affected by tidal waters, storm serge, high tide conditions.or in continious under water conditions.

Standard HDPE flap valves are designed for head conditions of:
- 1 meter water column permanent head pressure on the door.
- 5 meter water column in a flood event for 72 hours.
- Higher head models are available.

Available for all American and International pipe sizes:


Flap valve WA-PTKA 10 degrees mounting models, ensures the door is always pushed onto the seating for certain operational conditions..hdpe-flap-valve-ocean-model





HDPE Flap Valves 10 degree models may be connected to outfall pipes:

  • For Wall Mounting models
  • Flange mount models
  • Coupling mount models
  • Pipe Insert models


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